Sixweeks Mobile Barista


About Us

Sixweeks was brought to life after the designer and builder of this Mobile Barista Unit was incapacitated for six weeks following an invasive surgical procedure. It is during this time, with deep reflection and big dreams, that Robbie Schmidt dreamed up this picture in his mind. The vision was crystallised during the six weeks recovery period and the design was put to paper. He resigned when returning to his corporate work and built this unit in his garage in the following months.

The Barista

Robbie Schmidt, an engineer by trade and experienced IT Project Management Professional, traded the fast-paced corporate consulting life for the aroma of superior freshly ground coffee and the ambiance of, well wherever that is, with friends and customers, outdoor variety and the relaxed background chatter of people enjoying a great cappuccino together.

Nothing better to top-up a good conversation than with a superbly brewed cup of coffee.

Where you'll find us

We are on the lookout for functions, events and locations where excellent coffee will be appreciated and valued. We've been at Sport Events over a weekend; there is nothing like a shot of fresh espresso before your mountain bike ride or having us around for an outdoor coffee bar experience at a wedding or other type of function.

Contact us to book our Mobile Barista or follow us on facebook to see where we are and then meet up for a good cup of coffee and aromatic conversations.